Monday, October 31, 2011

Everybody make a scene (This is Halloween)

So I love Halloween.  Whether it's because my birthday is the day after (what is better than candy AND presents?) or the fact that I just love costumes, it's always been my favorite holiday.  Even though now I have a "real" job and can't dress up during the day (I still wore my skeleton shirt - take that academia!), the essence of Halloween is still amazing: all the "scary" decorations of fake spider webs, ghosts hanging on trees, pumpkins carved into jack-o-lanterns!

But what is it that I love so much?  I no longer care that much about candy (really it's less exciting when you can buy it any time you want) but I still get excited about Halloween.  I think it's because you have the ability to be whoever you want.  Dress up in a sheet and poof you're a ghost.  A point hat and wig?  Instant witch.  (Though I hope you're more creative than that...)  For me it was always finding the perfect non-store bought costume, a costume that really looked like the person would wear it.  I was Princess Leia for 3 years in a row using a tunic I found at a thrift store, white leggings I already had, my mom's silver belt and a whole lot of bobby pins.  Now Star Wars is also one of my favorite movies, so combining my favorite holiday with my favorite movie was pure bliss.  I could pretend I was Princess Leia, fighting against the Empire, and living in her world (though not the one that blew up cause that wouldn't be good...)

I think it's why I love books so much too.  As the reader, you are inserted into the pages of the world, whether it's fantastical or not, and can get away from the mundane for a little while.  You're on a new adventure that only exists within the bindings.  You forget that other things are going on outside of the world of the book and get lost within the pages.  That's what I want my books to be.  Completely enveloping.  Time stopping and losing yourself.  I know I'm a long way away from that right now but a girl can wish.

ps. I was Ramona Flowers for Halloween this year.  Half the people guessed "that girl from Scott Pilgrim", half guessed Nicki Minaj (I guess she does wear a lot of wigs) and one person thought I was Lola from Run Lola Run.  I'm pretty okay with all of those responses, as long as you don't make me rap... :)

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