Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holes and points

So I've been working on my WiP.  (That's kind of the point, right?)  I'm at 59K so I still have a fair amount of the story to flesh out.  I've been working on all the plot holes trying to unconvolute (that's totally a word...) my ending.  I made another story board with all my scenes and the questions I had about the story.  Then I put all the questions in the scenes where I think those questions need to be answered.  I also rewrote all my plot points and realized I needed to revamp plot point 2.  So I think I've figured out most of the plot holes and how to fix them but it's just going to be taking the time to actually fix them since I have to rearrange other parts of the novel.  Buckling down is always the hard part.

But I want to fix the ending by Nov 3rd, my last meeting with my writer's group before we start a new group.  I'm giving the last half of the WiP to my CP so that she can point out all the holes that I missed and she's giving me back the first half.  So I'm pretty excited about that though I know it just means more work.  But the good kind of work.  Knowing that once I fix the holes, it will be a much better story.  Then I just have to work on the characters...  hooray!


  1. Sounds like you've got a great plan!

    Hey--am I your first commenter? Yay! I love finding new bloggers.

    Thanks for stopping by to follow me, and welcome to the blogging world.

  2. Heidi - thanks! I'm excited to start blogging and am ready to gobble up all the writing advice I can find!