Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reading YA

I was talking with some friends about YA books.  Being in my early- (ack mid-!) 20s, very few of my friends read YA.  Whether they look down on it or are just generally disinterested, I don't know, but doing something no one else does never stopped me from doing it.  (Did that sentence even make sense?  It was late when I wrote this...)  ANYWAYS, I was talking to two friends who do read YA and giving them recommendations.  I recommended a book I LOVE and know that other readers love (because it's being made into a movie, so lots of people must have liked it, right?) but they were saying they couldn't get into it because the writing was only okay. 

I stopped to think about this.

I really couldn't remember if the writing was good because I was so enthralled with the characters and plot line.  To me, if the plot makes sense (and there are no obvious holes or stupid things going on) and the characters are good (not falling in love just because the dude looks pretty) then I will probably like the book.  I read one book where the author was hitting me over the head with a plot point.  I get it.  (I guess that could be bad writing too but it was mainly plot).  This thing is magical.  It took the author too many pages to actually get to the magical part despite dropping hints like it was a hot frying pan.  I had to stop reading.  I never finished the book.  The plot was dumb and I couldn't get over it.  I don't care how many times someone's eyes sparkle, if the character is interesting will be hooked.

My friends ended up finishing the series but they didn't gush about the books nearly as much as I did.  (They'll be proven wrong when(ever) the movie comes out.  It's going to be totally awesome!)  I guess I'm just a sucker for a good character and plot.

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