Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Insights from Glee

Oh em gee glee.  Okay, now that I've gotten my inner high schooler out I can actually blog about this.  I'm a glee fan; it reminds me of my time in a cappella in high school.  Sometimes I could do without the plot lines and just have them sing all day 'cause really that's what I'm interested.  But every so often, there's just a few lines that always get me.  (Not to mention Darren Criss' voice... swoon).  And the lines always seem to come from Blaine (played by Darren Criss, as we sensing a pattern perhaps?)  Anyways, last night's episode had a really good line that I couldn't stop thinking about.  It was a brief scene when Blaine and Kurt were at their lockers.  Blaine asks Kurt if he thinks they were too sheltered to be artists and that they should try to live outside their little world, that they should wake up every day and be adventurous and experience everything in life that you can.

Oh man can I relate.  I've always wanted to do everything.  In high school I played sports, danced, sang and played multiple instruments.  I had little down time during the week and that's how I liked it.  In college, I couldn't do as much naturally but I always tried.  And I still want to do everything I can.  My weeks are filled to the brim (obviously leaving time for Glee and a few other shows) and I'm constantly wondering how I can fit everything in that I want to do.  It's all these experiences that I love and trying to experience everything possible.  My dad once told me, when I was trying whether to go to some activity that I was a little ambivalent towards, that most people regret not going to something more often than they regret going to something (if that vague sentence makes sense...)  So I've tried to do as much as possible.  And then I can take from all these experiences and put them down on paper, turning them into something everyone can relate to, hopefully.  I definitely think it's important to experience a wide range of things, so that you can pull out an emotion or detail from your bag of tricks when you need it most for you story.  Anyways, Blaine's words just kind stuck with me so I had to get my thoughts out.

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