Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revisions and Goals

Revisions are hard.  My goal for revisions was to be done the first set by the new year, that way I can let the story sit while I work on something else for awhile.  I plan on taking some bass lessons in the Spring Semester, instead of more writing classes, so I thought it would be the perfect time to let it sit.  Plus I have another idea for a story that I figured I could work on while I'm letting my brain take a few months off of the current project.

But revisions are going sloooowly.  Life always gets in the way and I have little time.  (Happens to everyone).  I know I have to MAKE time for writing and I'm trying, truly, but I'm taking a writing class and I keep getting bogged down with the homework.  Juggling the HW and my novel is not working as well as I wanted it to.  The term project for the class is the first 10,000 words of our novel, which I already have, but they need to be revised.  I've realized that my first drafts are terrrrible, which I'm okay with because I know first drafts are supposed to be terrible, but they're definitely a lot worse than I'd like them to be.  So revision for me is basically an overhaul of everything.  And this WiP is especially hard because I started it before I knew anything about writing, before I took any sort of writing classes; I was a science major in college so the only writing I ever did was lab reports.  I always liked creative writing but I never got around to taking a class on it because I had so many labs that needed to get done.  So now that I know a little bit about the writing process, I know where I went wrong (which is good!) and know where I can change it, but it's a massive task.

Thanksgiving right around the corner gives me a little hope since I basically do nothing but read during the holidays anyways.  So this holiday I'll just be reading my own stuff :)


  1. Revisions are hard, but they're also fun. It's your chance to cut and polish your own diamonds. It's nice to look at them once they done!

  2. @Mohamed - I totally agree! I really like revising so far, once I actually get started, it's just making it to that first step. They're super pretty to look at afterwards (and not to mention I get the satisfaction of crossing it off my list) and gives me hope that the story could one day be coherent... thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope to hear from you again!