Friday, November 18, 2011

Top Chef Fantasy

So this post had nothing to do with writing, just a fair warning for everyone.

Last year, some of my friends and I were really excited for Top Chef: All Stars.  Seeing all the old chefs back in the kitchen competing made everyone giddy.  Would Blais finally win?  Would Angelo win since he was just coming off a finale loss?  Questions were flying everywhere and since we were all familiar with the chefs, we already had predictions.  One of my friends had the brilliant idea of doing a fantasy league for Top Chef.  I'm used to a lot of my friends doing fantasy football and fantasy baseball leagues but I could never participate since I am really only familiar with the Philadelphia teams.  (Why would I care about anyone else?  Never really made sense to me...)  Anyways, this was an awesome idea because I could actually participate in a fantasy league with a show I already watch.  Plus I love competition.

Last year, I had first pick (woohoo random ordering!) and won the whole competition, having bragging rights for the whole year.  Now that a new season is upon us, it is once again time for Top Chef fantasy.  This season is a lot harder since none of us are familiar with the cheftestants (the show's word, not mine...).  We decided since the first two episodes were just narrowing down the contestants from 29 to 16, that we would watch the two preliminary episodes, get a feel for the chefs, and then pick.  So, fantasy started last night and I'm excited.  I don't get to watch it live because I don't have cable so I have to wait til it's up on the website.  But I think I picked some good people so hopefully I have a chance to win again.  Have I mentioned I love winning?

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