Monday, December 12, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Okay so I said I was going to post about how much I loved the Snow White/Prince Charming story-line in the TV show Once Upon a Time.  Anyone else watch it?  At first, I was unconvinced; the first 3 episodes dragged and the alternating worlds was a little disconcerting.  Plus there were two fairy tale TV shows coming out at the same time.  (Anyone watch Grimm?)  Also, two Snow White movies are coming out next year.  What's with everyone liking fairy tales again all of a sudden?  I figured I'd give both shows a try (I do love a fairy tale) and see what they were all about.  Grimm is more of a detective show, with the fairy tale characters committing crimes.  It's interesting but after the Snow White/Prince Charming story-line came to the surface of Once Upon a Time, I was hooked to that show.  (Though I still watch Grimm because of Monroe, the reformed "big bad wolf", but its on the low end of my TV-watching cue).

If you don't watch Once Upon a Time, it's a show about fairy tale characters who are trapped in the modern world, specifically one two in Maine (I think it's Maine.  There has also been a trend in books of having the setting in Maine, but I won't get into that).  It alternates between the fairy tale world and the modern world where they have a completely different story in each because they don't remember the fairy world at all.  (Think Wizard of Oz where the people who show up in Oz also show up in Dorothy's reality).  The fairy tale world is a little over the top (as are most fairy tale worlds) and the modern world is a little boring (which I guess is also true).  BUT the story line of Snow White and Prince Charming in both worlds is awesome.  Snow White is a badass in the fairy tale world; think Snow White and the Huntsmen (which is one of the Snow White movies that is coming out).  She's daring, adventurous, not afraid to get a little dirt on her clothes.  A very cool twist to the story of Snow White.  She's not the damsel in distress which I like.  It's about time there was a princess who could defend herself!

I'm not going to give away what happens, but Prince Charming also has a very cool and original story line.  The episode about him is what really cemented me into watching the series.  Plus I guess I'm sort of a sucker for a love story (as long as it's not over the top) and this one was very believable.  This could also have something to do with it...

You'd have to get through the first three or so episodes but after that, I think it really takes off.  I haven't watched yesterday's episode yet (I don't get ABC... I have no idea why (it's a basic cable channel!) but I just watch it on hulu as always) but I'm excited to see where it left off!

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  1. Ooh, I totally watch this show too :) I really like it, actually. I am a huge Ginnifer Goodwin fan. I really liked the Jiminy/Gepeto moments in last weeks episode. We'll see how it turns out :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)