Friday, December 2, 2011

Plugged In - photo story

I updated the photos page if ya'll want to check it out.  There are four stand-alone pictures from various projects I did and then the bottom four are from my semester project, also posted below.

The pictures are titled "Plugged In", as I made it into a photo story.  All of the pictures have people plugged in to objects that aren't usually plugged in.  Everyone can interpret it differently, so I'd love to hear other people's opinions of what they think.  (It's not the best scanner so some of the plugs are kind of hard to tell.  Sorry about that!)

"Plugged In"
Listening to a sandwich.

Surfing the internet bathtub.

Singing in the shower.

Rocking out to a stop sign.

Also, after I had taken the above pictures, I was surfing the internet and just happened to find these pictures of Darren Criss.  I wasn't looking for pictures of him or anything...  I just happened to find them.  riiiight...

I do not own these awesome pictures.

Kinda similar, right?  I think that means we both have good taste.