Friday, January 20, 2012

power of the creative introvert

This was a great article, which I loved, because I am an introvert, and a proud one at that.  Read the article and see what you think.

It talks about creativity in different, specifically job, settings.  The trend now is to work collaboratively in a group setting.  Everyone sitting around a conference table.  No dividers, no offices, no privacy.  But, psychologists find this isn't really the most conducive way to get a job done; it's not the best way to be creative.  The most creative people are the introverts.  (yay!)  Or at least the people who work alone and relish that time to themselves.  So you can still be an extrovert; your creative side is just an introvert.  For writers, I think this is common sense.  Bouncing ideas off of CPs is definitely helpful and critiques/critique groups are vital, but I think creativity, or that twist that makes the MS different/amazing, usually comes at a time when one is alone.  Lots of ideas come from other things you might see around you, but it's that creative twist that makes it special.

Where do you get your ideas?  Is it when you're with a group or doing something alone?

I think my ideas are usually when I'm not thinking about writing at all.  I'll get an epiphany in the middle of the day when I'm at work.  By myself.  With no distractions.  The article states "solitude is a catalyst to innovation".  This makes so much sense because there are no distractions.  Solitude allows time to think and work through problems.

So I liked this article, and to me it was nothing ground-breaking, but it was nice to have an article that reinforces the idea that sometimes the most creative people aren't the most extroverted and it's totes okay to be shy.

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