Monday, February 6, 2012

e-books vs print books

First off, sorry about the late posting.  Things got hectic and I got distracted by sparkly and non-sparkly things.

E-books.  What are everyone's opinions?  Most authors and people blogging about writing on the blogosphere have one.  It makes sense, right?  People love gadgets and new technology.  E-books make getting your next read incredibly easy; it's just a push of a button.  They're not as heavy as books and you can store so many in one place.

I do not have an e-reader.  All my friends are wildly confounded by this; they know how much I read so the next logical step to them is for me to have an e-reader.  Well, I don't really want one.  I like my print books; I like going to the library and bookstores, and scouring the shelves for what interests me.  Maybe it's because [at 25] I'm old-fashioned.  I still don't have a smart phone (though I will hopefully be changing that soon...)  Yes, having an e-reader would be incredibly convenient since I still haven't joined the Philadelphia Library system and I take my book to work every day in my purse *which gets heavier with each book I add), but I guess I'm just stubborn.  To me, I love the feel of holding print books and having them collect on my shelves.  I like looking at the bookmark and seeing how far I've read or how many pages I have left.  I like underlining and writing in the margins.

I read an article about what would happen to book signings when the age of the digital book takes over.  Where do authors sign on an e-book?  I like that companies have already started making solutions for this; maybe having an application to sign with a stylus and leave an inscription.  Signing the e-book case is cool too, though, you would really have to like that author for them to sign the case (but that's why you're at the book signing in the first place, right?)

There are pros and cons to everything and for now, I think I'm going to sit this one out.  Maybe in a few years I'll finally give in and get one.  Why do you love your e-reader?  I'll def take it into consideration...


  1. I have a kindle and so far have only used it to read Manuscripts. It's perfect for critiquing because it's portable and there is a highlighter and note-taker function. But I'm like you in that I prefer a print book, and they weigh down my purse too!

  2. Oh highlighter and note-taker function sounds enticing. That would be better than lugging around 200 pieces of paper...

  3. I love my e-reader, because I can have so many eBooks downloaded from All you can books and reading them when I have a little spare time.
    It's a very little and portable device... we can have so many eBooks on it. Also, it's not very expensive and everyone can have one.