Friday, February 10, 2012

failure of goals

I made some pretty weak goals this week and couldn't even finish them. 

First goal: Finish reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  I've been reading this book for like a month.  I've had to renew it twice from the library.  I do actually like it, though it has kind of a slow start.  (It's a character book and I am a plot-lover, so that's probably why).  It's beautifully written, the premise is genius, the world building is amazing, I like the characters, but it's getting harder and harder to find time to read.  Blasphemy you say?  I couldn't agree more.  As a writer, the first thing we have to be, are readers.  And I do read a lot.  It's one of my distinguishing characteristics at work.  I read at lunch every day (and get through about 2-3 chapters, so not really that much reading.  I get distracted by food too easily).  But I've been so caught up with the other things on my list (see below) that reading is falling behind.

Second goal: Finish revising chapters 6-7.  I did finish this, but it took me all week.  I think I was also working on it last week (but can't remember because things have been so busy).  If I want to finish my book, I am going to have to figure out how to make time for everything.  MAKING TIME.  Didn't I just talk about that in a previous blog post?  Why yes I did.  Stessa, you are so hypocritical...  Taking two weeks to finish revising chapters isn't really acceptable for my timeline.  I'm not trying to rush, but I am trying to finish it at some point...

Goal number three: Finish critiquing CP's work.  This is the main reason I am behind on the other goals.  (That and Ultimate frisbee.  Oh and that full time job...)  But I think it's perfectly acceptable.  They are waiting for feedback from me, and I need to give it to them.  That's how CPs work.  Should critiquing take up time you could be using for your own novel?  I think it's about balance.  Once I'm done this round of critiques, I probably won't have anything for awhile, so I can focus on my own work.

Things I did instead of writing this week:
-threw a surprise party for The Boy: This was necessary; he tore his ACL and was pretty bummed about it, which is perfectly reasonable.  He has to get surgery and can't play Ultimate for 6 months.  So this was warranted to cheer him up.  Bottom line: he was super surprised.  So surprised I thought he might have had a heart-attack...
-watched the superbowl: duh.  The commercials were pretty great.
-2 frisbee games: I don't get to choose our schedule.  Next week has less games so more writing time.

So those are my excuses, but it doesn't mean it's okay.  Making time is different than finding time.  Last week I was just trying to find time.  This week, I will make it.

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