Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Chef Fantasy and RW/RR: The Challenge Fantasy

So a bunch of my friends are always talking about their fantasy baseball and fantasy football leagues.  Being a very competitive person who loves games, I get kind-of sad that I can't join in.  I like baseball and football, but don't know enough about all the players to play in a fantasy league.

Then my friend had a brilliant idea.  It started with last season's Top Chef: All Stars.  We all already followed Top Chef so we knew the chefs pretty well and ultimately would be rooting for someone anyway.  Why not make a fantasy league?  Yes!  Absolutely.  We researched the chefs we didn't know, created rules (5 pts for Elimination win, 3 pts for being in top Elimination group, 1 pt for Quickfire win), created an order and picked.  It was awesome.  Smack talking and rooting for contestants throughout the whole show until they named a winner.

This year we did a fantasy league for Top Chef: Texas.  This was a little harder since we weren't familiar with the contestants.  The first two episodes were whittling down the chefs from 29 contestants to 16, so we decided to watch those two episodes and then pick.

But, of course, we couldn't get enough fantasy leagues.  One of my guilty pleasure shows is Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge.  (Don't judge!  It's the only MTV or "reality" show I watch).  I think it goes back to my competitive nature and loving to see who will win.  Plus there's so much dramaz.  I've grown to root for specific players every time they're one.  Go CT!  So we decided to make a league for The Challenge.

Again, this was a little hard, because the audience doesn't know the format of the show before it's aired, and we thought watching the first episode would give away too much.  We decided some rules (winning the challenge is 4 pts, crying is 1 pt, physical violence is 3 pts) and went for it.

All in all, we have a few leagues going and I can finally be in a fantasy league!  It's exciting.  I won Top Chef: All Stars, am killing it at Top Chef: Texas at the moment (fingers crossed) but it's too early to tell about The Challenge (I don't think I'm looking too good).

I try not to watch too much TV because I've been trying to focus on revising, and reading CPs' work.  But I couldn't say no to these.  And sometimes I just need a break, so watching a few shows a week is okay.  Especially now that I finished Sherlock, I am a lot more productive...


  1. Ha! I love it! We are big foodies, and are much more likely to do a fantasy foodish-something league than a fantasy football league. Great idea!

  2. Definitely so much better than fantasy football!