Friday, April 27, 2012

announcements and winners

Okay, I know ya'll are very excited.  But first I want to thank you all for following my little blog and being so helpful with everything writing!  It's so nice to know there's supportive people out there in the blogosphere and that we can all lean on each other when need be :)

So without further ado, the winner of the blogoversary giveaway is:

Nothing beats the old-fashioned pull-it-out-of-a-hat method.

*hooray*  *tosses confetti*

Amanda, you should get an email from me shortly about where I should send Insurgent and then it should end up on your doorstep on release day.  Or at least that is the plan.  (Sometimes the postal service and technology have minds of their own).  Then you can furiously read it and finish it, and tease us with how awesome it is.  Enjoy!

Also if you've forgotten what happens in Divergent, check out Veronica's post and brush up!

One more announcement.  If you live in the Philly Area, the Philadelphia Writer's Conference is coming up on June 8-10.  I've never been, but I will be going this year!!  I'm super excited because two of my writer teachers will be having workshops.  I'm going to the YA/MG workshop with Marie Lamba (one of my teachers), Horror, Fantasy and Sci-fi (which I'm super excited about!), and the Character workshop with Jonathan Maberry (another of my teachers).  Sign up by May 1st to get a discount, though you can still sign up afterwards, so don't worry if you need to think about it for a little while.  


  1. YAY!!!! :D Thanks, Steph!! I shall do my best to read it quickly and then brag :)

    Ahh, that conference sounds awesome. I've never been to one but hope to one day. Even though I'd be super nervous to go alone lol.

    1. I am nervous about going by myself! But I'm forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone :) I think since it's not a huge conference and it's in my familiar city, it's a good stepping stone. I'd be mega nervous to go to one of those NY ones. And hopefully some people from my writing group will be there too.

  2. Hooray for Amanda!

    I love going to conventions and conferences. I started going to them only recently and decided I'm going to as many as I can from now on. They're so much fun! :)