Friday, April 13, 2012


So I've begun to brainstorm Novel #2.  And I've... never really brainstormed before.   

When I started with CotF, I really had no idea what I was doing.  So I just sat down and started writing (and then had to fix everything in subsequent reads).  That is something I want to avoid for this novel, lol.

So I started brainstorming.  I think there are three main things to work out when beginning.  1) Characters 2) Plot 3) Setting.  Makes sense, right?

For me, plot is the most difficult.  Usually I already have some idea of the premise and who the characters are.  But creating a problem and solution and actual plot, takes a little more thinking and analyzing.  I get one of those yellow lined
 pads of paper and just write.  I take my premise and try to poke as many holes in it as possible so that I can come up with solutions.  If I have more than one solution, I'll explore a few of them, asking as many questions as possible, and then decide which I like best.  Then go onto the next hole and rinse and repeat.

Next are the protagonists, so for me, the main character and the love interest.  Both need to have wants and motivations, but also flaws.  Maybe a secret.  Maybe a quirk or two to make them interesting.  But they also have to fit together.  No insta-love here!  There has to be a reason for why they are drawn to each other, for why they are compatible.  Does one want something that the other can give?  Does he find his strength in her?  Something to make them connected.  That's that part I'm brainstorming right now and have to do some soul-searching (his soul, not mine) to figure that out.

For this novel, I had a hard time deciding setting.  It wasn't my inspiration this time, like it was with CotF, so I wasn't really sure where to put it.  Could it be contemporary?  Not really.  I mean it could, since it's founded on real things, but for what I intended there had to be some paranormal stuff.  So Urban Fantasy?  There aren't any other races, no wearwolves or faeries, so probably not.  Paranormal?  Maybe, but I kind of wanted some other world stuff.  SF?  Maybe.  Dystopian? I didn't really want to write a dystopian, plus my government wasn't flawed, per se, just a little futuristic.  So SF was calling to me, sort of like the movie In Time except with energy controlling everything instead of time, kind of a light SF.  But I need to do some real world-building to make sure.  So I've requested a bunch of books from the library on YA SF (and also just read FEED by M.T. Anderson) to do some research.  When in doubt, read, right?

How do you brainstorm?  Or do you just start writing?


  1. I thought I brainstormed, but really, I just got a vague idea and then started writing. Then realized I had no idea what was going on. Hee :) Plot is also the hardest for me, and I know from now on that I need to know specific plot points before I even start. Putting the work in beforehand (even though it can feel like a waste sometimes) will help out in the end! Even if you deviate from the outline, at least you'll have a better idea of where it's going than if you didn't have one.

    1. Isn't plot hard?!? Gah, lol. But that's when I realized I really needed to take time to brainstorm. Agree about deviating from the outline. I'll at least feel better knowing I have one.

  2. I brainstorm in my head for along time before I actually write down stuff, except for maybe a few notes. I’ve done it both ways though, just writing a book, and also writing a plot, brainstorming, etc… I think that the book turns out better (most of the time), when it’s been brainstormed out and had a plot written about it. =)

    1. I def percolate for a while with my ideas before even putting a pen to paper for brainstorming. But writing things down is SUPER helpful to keeping organized (something I need a lot of help with, lol). Thanks for stopping by!