Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Poppy" books

So a few days ago a friend of mine commented that she wasn't interested in reading The Hunger Games because it was too "poppy".  I have to admit, I was a little offended.

Yes, it's popular, so I guess it could be defined as "poppy" but it's so much more than that.  I don't think she really knows what The Hunger Games encompasses.  I think maybe I felt like she was disregarding it simply because it was popular.  You know, the whole sell-out makes things uncool thing.  She wasn't even giving it a chance.  But the reason a book becomes popular is because it resonates with so many people.  It is relateable.  People feel something for the book.  It's not a bad thing for a book to become popular.  Everyone can have their own experience with it, so it's unique to that person, but he/she can discuss it and feel a bond/community with the people who also read it and loved it.

I think she's sort of relating it to Twilight, which is like the pinnacle of "poppy" and I can understand her frustration, but I think she's confusing popular with no-substance (not that Twilight doesn't have substance, but if you've never read Twilight, you might think certain things and have certain biases when hearing about it from other people).  But THG is completely different.  THG is about the facing the odds, sacrifice, non-conformity, standing up against tyrants, things that aren't popular.  Everyone doesn't have to like it, that's perfectly acceptable, but at least give it a chance and read it before making a judgment about its content.  I really hope she does decide to read it, because I think she will be presently surprised.


  1. I've heard of this issue before and I find it quite sad when people won't give something a chance just becasue everyone else has already given it chance. Maybe she'll pick it up someday, but for now it's her loss.

  2. Honestly, I think it's kind of a natural thing to do... there are so many underrated gems and so much popular junk that we tend to assume that it all has to be that way.

    For the record, I'm not that into the Hunger Games series. They're just 'meh' to me, but I have read enough to come to that conclusion on my own--not just because it's popular.

    1. I'm glad you came to your own conclusion! And that's true. There is a lot of underrated stuff that should totes be read more often than some of the popular stuff.