Monday, May 14, 2012

poetry in novels

I am no poet, but I am frequently finding myself writing poetry in my manuscripts.  Well, song lyrics, which are slightly different.  It may be because music heavily influences my writing, and all my MCs' love interests turn out to be musicians and recite lyrics.  So they're popping up in various forms.
BUT, I am no poet, nor lyricist, really.  (I've dabbled, but that's it).  I was in a band in HS (I played bass) and we had two lead singers for a while.  Both wrote their own lyrics, so I didn't really write much.  That was their job so I never really concerned myself with it.  This makes things difficult.

But now I'm finding myself having to write poetry and lyrics.  And that is an entirely different skill set than writing.  As I mentioned a few times, I love words (being a linguist), and slang, and especially plays-on-words.  Some of my favorite musicians are my favorites because of their creative lyrics.  But trying to make up my own takes a different sort of brain for me.  And a lot more focus.

Especially writing romantic poems.  I find a lot of the commercial ones sappy, so it's hard for me, because I don't like sap.  The trick is to find something genuine, harness that emotion or detail or description, and use that.

I don't think I have quite found that yet, but hopefully, with more practice, I'll at least get better.


  1. I love poetry in books! Or really, any other form of art in books. My MC's love interest is a musician too, and I did end up writing some lyrics. And yeah, they might be kind of corny haha. It's so fun, though! I feel like it adds a whole new dimension to the story.

    1. Agreed! I'm starting to actually like it, though it definitely takes a different sort of thinking for me.

  2. Ooh, interesting. I love writing poetry for its own sake, though I've never tried putting it in a book before. Good luck!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

    1. Thanks! It's fun but definitely challenging (which is always good :) )