Monday, July 9, 2012

Thoughts on Pixar's Brave

So I am late to the Brave party but I just saw it a  few days ago.  I've been hearing very mixed reviews so going into it I didn't really know what to expect.

While I liked it, there was something missing for me.  Thinking back to other Pixar movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, it just wasn't in the same category.  It's hard to put my finger on why though.

I loved the strong female heroine, her mischief brothers were adorbs, her hair, oh her hair! was super awesome, and the Irish setting/culture was cool too.  But for me the essence of the movie wasn't the same as the other Pixar films.  The other films you can pretty much sum up in a sentence and it's very tangible.  Toy Story is about toys coming to life.  Finding Nemo is about fish looking for his father.  The Incredibles is about a superhero family.  Brave is about... a mother-daughter relationship?  That's really what it's about at its core and for me, I'm not as interested about that.

Now it's Pixar so it was still good, and I would say you have to go see it for at least that reason alone, (it had great animations and some really great parts) but for me, it just wasn't my favorite of the Pixar films.


  1. I wanted to love Brave, SO, SO MUCH. I went with my brother and I really tried to like it. And I mean, I did LIKE it, but I didn't love it, and I wasn't really sure why, either.

    But my brother pointed out that in the beginning of the movie, they made this big deal out of her and her archery, and how awesome she was at it and how free-spirited she was, etc., but then at the climax of the movie she didn't even get to use her archery skills that they focused so much on in the beginning! That bothered me, lol. It was like, why set her up as such a strong female character with crazy archery skills, and not even use it when it counts?

    Anyway, I really liked it idea of it, but the exposition wasn't as good as I'd hoped :)

    1. I totes agree! I didn't even realize the whole archery thing until you pointed it out, but am now very perplexed as to why they did that! The whole point of strong female characters is that they get to use that when they need it most. And really her mom was the one to save her, though Merida did save her mom from her fate (but using her brains, not archery).

    2. If I am recalling correctly, Merida did use her archery to shoot away the sword that was headed for her mom, pretty close to the end.

      As for the "core" sentence of the story, I'd say it's more about Changing Fate than it is about anything else. And I really liked it. It wasn't quite as amazing as most of Pixar's previous genius, but still WAY over the quality of most films these days. The only reason it's getting such a mixed reaction is because we've come to expect OMGTHATWASINCREDIBLE from Pixar. If not, it would be getting higher marks.