Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review of (the new) Total Recall

So I saw the new Total Recall.  As I've said before, I love action movies; the more things that blow up, the better.  I was really looking forward to this one, because I thought the original was a really interesting concept, and knew that the new one would have great special effects that the original lacked.  Plus Colin Farrell trumps Arnold Schwarzenegger.  For those of you who haven't seen the original, there will be a few spoilers, so I would stop here.

I enjoyed the new Total Recall, but it definitely had some short-comings, though they did improve upon the old one also.  First, there was none of this aliens/mutants/Mars nonsense.  (I thought that part of the original was so dumb).  Here, it's two countries, Britain and "the Colony", where the only way to get between the two is by a huge machine/mechanism called "the Fall" which goes through the center of the Earth.  That was awesome.  The special effects were great.  (The lights!  So sparkly!)  And one could really tell how disfunctional this dystopian government was.

The short-comings of this film were what made the original great.  The MC, Quaid, never gets injected with the serum in Recall.  In the original there's a fight scene after he's injected and he wakes up in a cab going home.  But in this one he never actually "goes" to Recall.  So there's no wondering if the entire story is real or Recall.  This is the main point of the story!!  Making us question what is real or not real and whether our memories make reality.  The point where his friend comes in and tells him that the reality is fake, and he's still at Recall, just didn't do it.  It wasn't convincing at all and at no time did I suspect him to still be at Recall.  The car chase scene was a little over done (not enough explosions, too much racing).  When Lori finally tells him they aren't married and she's just doing her job, it's pretty heavy-handed and too direct in the explanation.  They again went too far and didn't leave the audience wondering what was real and what was Recall.

So I enjoyed it because I enjoy most action flicks, but they didn't get the backbone of the original at all, though they did at least try.

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