Friday, September 21, 2012

The Last Bit

So I am 30 pages from finishing this round of revisions.  And I've been stuck there for a week.  Endings are supposed to be easy in the sense that everything you've built up finally culminates in the payoff.  But, um?  *Not* as easy as it sounds.  I had a lot of changes in the middle, which trickle down into the end, so I'm finding myself second-guessing my changes.  They're DEF for the better, but some are such big changes that I get nervous.  It's not like I can't change it back if I decide it doesn't work, but my mind has been blocking me from getting any changes done.

I think endings are hard because they have to wrap up so many loose ends. That's not saying they have to wrap up all of them, but the ending has to be satisfying, with the characters at the very least hopeful at the end.  Sometimes it's even better to have some loose ends.  But with lots of subplots, finding that balance can be a tricky thing.

And to think I'm sooo close to finishing!  I just want to be done and have a finished product.  This story has changed so much from the first (ugly) draft two-ish years ago.  And I know I have more revisions in the future, but that doesn't mean I can't put off these final pages.  And now back to staring at my Word doc...


  1. Endings are really hard, and I can imagine how much more it would be after making changes that have to blend through to the end! You can totally do this, though. Only 30 pages left!! I can't wait to read the changes! :D

  2. What a problem! Really good luck with it Steph, and I hope you finish soon. How annoying that the finish line is in sight and you can't quite reach it!

    1. Thanks Fiona! I'm trying really hard to finish this weekend... we'll see if that happens :)