Monday, October 29, 2012


So I'm getting to the end of revisions (finally! hopefully! we'll see soon!) and one of the things my CPs have said, were that it ends really abruptly.


I know I tend to do this, whether its scenes, chapters, and I guess now endings.  I like to allow the reader to speculate on their own what will happen next, and not have to give them all the boring details of everything.  But I understand that it wasn't seeming like that; it was seeming unresolved; and the readers needed closure.

So that's not good.

I liked my ending because it wasn't a cliffhanger, but it did allow for sequels if I ever felt inclined to write them.  (The whole standalone with potential for a sequel thing.  But that's what exactly I wanted: potential.  Not too obvious, because it seemed like agents rather have series "potential" than an actual series).

So I have to do something about my ending.  I was thinking epilogue.  Now I know agents don't like prologues, but what are everyone's feelings on epilogues?  And what constitutes an actual epilogue rather than just another chapter?  I remember reading a few books that had epilogues that just seemed like another chapter, and I didn't really understand the difference.

My epilogue jumps to a few days later, and kind of resolves the outstanding logistical and emotional questions, but the big problem has already been resolved.  The denouement I guess?  Maybe a little after the denouement?  I don't really know.

So what are everyone's opinions of epilogues?


  1. I had a CP tell me the same thing. But I also had four other people tell me how much they liked the abrupt ending (including an editor who rejected me, lol!) Epilogues have their place, but make sure your book really needs it first :)

    1. Hmm, definitely something to think about! Thanks!