Wednesday, November 21, 2012

hitRECord and JGL

I went to see JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) on Monday night as he traveled with his hitRECord tour.  I knew about hitRECord before going to the show, but had never participated.  The website didn't have a whole lot of information on how to participate/upload/record, and I like to know details before I give out my email. :)  I figured I'd play around with it once I had more time (ie. didn't have to worry about grad school assignments).  But once I was at the show, I could actually see how cool it was.

Here's the basic gist: is an online collaborative community/production company created by JGL and his brother Dan.  Artists can upload various projects (all called records) which can then collaboratively be "re-mixed".  Artists can submit videos, music, short stories, literature, poems, photographs, spoken word, dance, animations, screen-writing etc, for anyone in the community to use.  The end result is some pretty cool videos all collaboratively made from many different people.  JGL says in the intro video, think of it less as an exhibition place (ie. Youtube), and more like a studio to make things together.  Collaborators will call for specific talents too; they might need a singer, or guitarist, or animator etc.  Anytime any one of the productions makes a profit, half goes back into the company, and half goes to every person who contributed to that production.

hitRECord logo.
At the show, JGL brought audience members up on stage many times to discuss their tweets of "The Road", which was one of the themes of the night.  (That, and having everyone record everything).  He also showed a bunch of the collaborative videos, and then some remixed videos.  Some collaborators on the site were asking for different clips, one of people dancing, so he brought up people to dance in front of a green screen, which then could be used for one of the records.  JGL also had some voice actors come on stage and record a short, one-sentenced monologue, while he filmed them being lifted into the air.  It was silly, and fun, and interesting, and engaging.  JGL also has a shinning personality; he seems so sincere and has such an enthusiasm   Many a curse word were used (which was perfection), and you could tell how much he loved this company and how much it meant to him and how much he wanted people to get involved.

I like the idea of being creative in multiple different ways.  I've always had multiple interests (bass guitar, piano, singing, writing, photography) and this was a cool way to tap in to a bunch of different facets of creativity.  Plus, being able to collaborate with people all over the world is really cool.  I know for myself, a lot of my music playing friends moved away and don't like around me any more.  This would be a good outlet for that.  Plus, I don't have to lug my bass anywhere, and if I want, don't have to play more than one song.  (Sometimes I get distracted...)

So if you're into collaborative things like that, check it out.  It's actually pretty cool.

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  1. I officially love you and hate you. JGL is like... ugh... so attractive.