Monday, November 26, 2012

To rewrite or push on?

So I've been rereading a half finished manuscript (27k) that I put aside to work on revisions.  I've finally finished rereading it (it was tough...) and it needs a lot of work.  Things are out of order and don't make sense, things are way too easy, there is too little characterization, and almost no description of the world (it's scifi).

I'm wondering, should I rewrite/revise what I already have, or just push through and finish it to the end before I start the daunting task that is revisions.  I'm leaning towards finishing (though the word count will be very low) and then revising, but I don't want to finish it and then realize everything has to be rewritten.  There's just so much I have to change and add in the beginning parts for the end to make any sense or be any good.  But I know you're "supposed" to just push on and finish the first draft so that you have a whole thing to work on.  And I might be able to see the full picture better, though I feel like I already know where I'm going.

What do you do when you revisit a half-finished manuscript?  Finish the draft or revise before finishing?


  1. I would revise the beginning before finishing, but that's just me. I hate having a big mess to clean up and would much rather revise what I have if I know what needs to be fixed. But if you'd rather finish first and then revise, go for it!! Totally a personal preference thing. :)

    1. I think I am going to revise the beginning first. I'm feeling kinda stuck since it's been so long since I've written anything. I know where I need to go but there's no transition. And the beginning is just bugging me to no end, so I think just for piece of mind I have to go back.