Monday, April 8, 2013

Writing something meaningful is terrifying

So a few days ago I was scrolling through Twitter, and I came across a tweet from a fellow writer about how writing is really just blinding terror when it actually means something.

And I totally understand.

I think for me, this is why I've kind of been slogging in my current WiP.  It's something I've never done before (contemporary), but it's so so personal this time.  There's no SF world-building to distract from the themes.  There's no magical creatures to enhance the characters.  There's not explosions to increase the conflict and tension.  It's just people and their feelings and loss and pain.  It's something I can relate very closely too.  The fear means that it means something to me, that I'm doing it right.

But what if no one likes it?

What if I tell the story wrong?

What if no one likes the characters?

It's these thoughts that have kind of been crippling me, the self-doubt finagling its way into my head.  I know I just need to write and not worry about anything else excepting getting words on the page.  Then in revisions I can tweak everything until it's right.

And I have to remember, not everyone's going to like it.  That's just a fact of life.  People have opinions; that's what makes us individuals (hoorah!)  I just have to write without thinking about that, and hopefully someone out there will like it, but even if no one likes it, I like it and it's for me.  Because it means something to me.

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