Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Books I've Read Recently Part 2

The second installment of "Books I've Read Recently"! Because I've read so many books and haven't discussed them.

Oh, Pivot Point.  From the description I wasn't very interested in reading it, but I heard good things about it on twitter that I finally got it out of the library.  And I am so glad I did!  It was so fast paced from the get-go hooking me almost instantly.  I don't remember the last time a book has hooked me so quickly (mostly because I have a short attention span, so this is saying something!).  I loved the dual story lines and could really imagine the main character in both worlds.  I was sad how it ended, because of the situation that happened, but it had to end that way.  And it made me really excited for when the sequel comes out!

Cassandra Clare has been one of my favorite authors for a while, so I was very excited when Clockwork Princess was reserved for me at the library.  But for some reason I just couldn't get into it.  I lost interest about halfway through, (I think I kind-of forgot what had happened in the previous books and all the little details that are referenced) but I made myself finish because I wanted to finish the trilogy.  There are so many characters with their own subplots that it's just a lot to take in.  I also have a short attention span, so it could have been that too.  And I thought the ending was too perfectly wrapped up.  I definitely prefer the second book in the series.  A lot of people have liked this book though, so this shouldn't sway you from reading it!

After hearing so much about it on twitter, I decided I had to read Eleanor & Park.  It had a half-asian boy (my favorite!) and had a bunch of music reference that I loved (I definitely started listening to The Smiths again because of it).  Amanda and I decided to #bookclub it on twitter and there was no stopping me from there.  This book also had all the feels.  Eleanor's situation was heart-breaking, but probably not too uncommon, unfortunately.  I appreciated her story.  I loved Park (and his eyeliner!!) and actually felt like I could relate to him.  There were a few things he said that rang true to me, like how dating an asian girl is exotic for a white guy, but not for a white girl dating an asian guy.  All in all, I loved this book and everyone should definitely check it out.

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