Sunday, August 18, 2013

WIPMarathon Check-in #2

Last word count: 22k
Current word count: 26.5k + outlining

WiP issues this week:  I was still sorting out issues from last week, wondering if I'm going in the right direction.  By the end of the week, I finally decided to just WRITE and figure it out in revisions.  Sometimes it's just so much easier to see the whole work, when it's, you know, whole.

What I learned:  The point of first drafts is to just get it on the page.  It's going to be messy but it's fine.  I didn't really learn this this week, but it was something I had to remind myself of.  Sometimes you just continue writing and figure the other things out later :)

What distracted me:  Definitely WriteOnCon!  I was busy critiquing other queries and tweaking my own.  (Thanks to everyone who made suggestions!)  So now I really have to focus up and on this WiP instead of having my head-space in two places with two WiPs.


  1. I agree with you on first drafts. It's just sometimes...I forget that.
    You still did well this week in spite of WriteOnCon.
    Happy writing next week!

  2. WriteOnCon distracted me too! OMG! But in a good way because it was so so cool. <3

  3. A constant reminder to just left things be is always in order. :) There's nothing revision and editing and rewriting can't fix. And it's so much easily to tweak stuff once it's all there.

    Write on!