Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If I had written the last episode of Dexter...

So I finally watched the Dexter SERIES finale!  I can't believe it's over.  Overall I thought Dexter was a really great show (with a few odd seasons in there) and how they upped the stakes every season when I thought they couldn't top the previous one.  But I did have a few reservations about the ending.

You should probably stop here if you haven't watched it yet.  Since this is about how I would write it, the ending will be spoiled if you haven't watched it.

Carry on...

While I liked the changes that Dexter went through over many so many series, becoming more and more humanized, he kind-of reverted back to what he was at the end.  I can understand how he feels like he's a monster because what happened to Deb was his fault, but I think they needed to take it further. I think Deb dying was okay (not necessary, but I understand they needed something to trigger Dexter's regression and his pain), but I really think Dexter should have died.  He did, in fact, kill many many people.  I don't think him committing suicide would do him justice, because then he still dies of his own hand and has control.  I think that police should've killed him and maybe by accident.

This would mean that the "good" side actually wins, and Dexter pays for everything that he's done, but not in a malicious way, just by accident.  I think it would balance everything out.  I don't think they need to find out what Dexter is, but it would've been so much better than him faking his own death, leaving his son with Hannah and him living as a tree-cutter or whatever.  Yes, I understand he's miserable, so maybe he does "get what's coming to him" but the point of this show was to push the boundaries.

I don't know.  To me, it just seemed lack luster, and with a show like Dexter, I'd rather it go out with a bang.

What did you think of the ending?  How would you have changed it if you were the writer?