Monday, December 30, 2013

My Thoughts on Allegiant

So there's been a bunch of opinions over the ending to Allegiant.  I was waiting and waiting to get it from the library (I was like 150th on the list or something) and finally got it and read it over Christmas.  These are my thoughts.  [Also, SPOILERS if that wasn't implied, so if you haven't read the ending, don't keep going!]

I remember reading something from Veronica Roth saying she wanted to write a book that didn't happen "by chance", giving the example that there was no car crash to start it or something happenstance like that. I think when reading the ending of Allegiant, this idea really comes through. Divergent started based on Tris's choices, Dauntless over Abegnation, and everything came from that.  It's her choices that propel the story, not an accident, and because of that it's more like real-life (as real-life as you can get in a dystopia).

This is partly why I Tris is killed.  If this was a "real-life" situation, she would probably die.  She's the pinnacle of the story, the Nicholas Brody (another story where I was sad the main character died).  Tris is involved in everything, being shot at left and right, and there's only so many times a person can dodge a bullet.  I can see why people were upset, I was upset too.  And I can totally understand the argument that this isn't a "real-life" situation.  So I can see both sides of the argument, but also, she's the author, so she gets to decide what happens, and I totes respect that.

Overall, I thought this was a great conclusion to the trilogy and that it really stepped up its game.  There were so many themes in this novel that I love love loved and gave me so many things to think about.  It was emotional (in good and not so go ways) and I thought she really grew as an author.  (Not that I'm one to judge, because I could never write like that, but I read an article that stated how much she thought she grew and I totally agree with her.)

One side note, Roth talks about how each faction transfer created a certain type of person, which I thought was really well thought out.  The Erudite transfer from Dauntless were cruel, the one's from Candor were jovial, etc, and I thought those really rang true.  It just shows how much thought she put into this book.

I cannot wait til March 21st!

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