Friday, February 7, 2014

Endless Revisions And Those Scenes You Try To Sneak By CPs

Even Max is ready to be done revisions
So I posed a question a few posts ago about how you know when you're book is "done".  And what does
that really mean?  And while I'm still pondering that, I think I'm a little farther than I was before, in answering that question for my current WiP.  (Emphasis on "my", and "current".  I'm sure it is different for everyone and every book that they write.)

I've revised this WiP so many times that I've lost count.  I also have a pretty weird writing style, that it kind-of doesn't translate into how many drafts I have.  Everyone is different, right?  Yerp.

But along this road of revisions, you kind of know when things don't work.  You're just waiting to see if they slide past your CPs.  Welp, they don't.  Ever.  And I think this last round of critiques for TDoC, I didn't have any of those scenes that I was trying to sneak by.  Or I knew I had them, but I needed some help with how to change them.  And now I have that help.

So I finally admitted to myself that I may be rounding the end point.  I even told the roommate he could read it.  (Though he doesn't really read.  At all.  So we'll see if that happens.)  It's this feeling in my gut that it's the best that I can make it.  And I guess that's really the stopping point, right?  It's either good enough and it'll get an agent, or it's not, and I'll continue with writing my next book.  There's not much more I can do with it at this point.

Now I still have some tweaks to do and a whole 3 page list of things to change, but that's it.  After those things, I think I really am "done".

Is it just me or are those words absolutely terrifying?  (And exciting?)  (At the same time?)


  1. I've been thinking about this with my WIP as well. I'm only on the first revision, so I know I'll have at least another draft to go after this, but then what? I kind of regret how long I spent on my first book, and I think I did too many revisions on that one, so I'm trying to find a middle ground. I say, if your gut it telling you you're "done," go ahead and query!

    1. It's such a hard thing to know! I think I revised so long with this book because I believe in it, but my first one, I definitely regret revising for so long. Finding that happy medium is key.