Monday, June 16, 2014

Myers Briggs & Personality Types

So I've recently become obsessed with the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. I've been trying to analyze all my friends and/or even actors if I can get a glimpse of their personalities from the interviews I watch. I even found a Harry Potter and Star Wars Myers Briggs profile that I've pinned on Pinterest for easy reference.

It's pretty amazing to me that everyone, in the world, can be broken down into just 16 types. Obviously that doesn't mean everyone is the same; I have multiple friends who are ESFPs and they are vastly different. But generally, they have very similar characteristics.

Despite being obsessed with this, I never really used it for my characters, but now that I'm thinking about it, it makes me want to go back and revise for specific types. It's a very useful tool, one that I have not been utilizing.

For those who don't know the Myers Briggs personality types, it's four categories, divided into two options each (which is why it's a total of 16). Myself, I'm an INTJ, so I am introverted (recharge by being alone), intuitive (plan ahead, utilize creative solutions, big picture person), thinking (make choices based on logic) and judging (organized and take responsibility seriously). On the flip side, you could be extraverted (recharge by being with others), sensing (live in the here and now, practical solutions, detail person), feeling (make choices based on emotion) or perceiving (disorganized, more care free, usually late), or anything in between.

What's your personality type and do you use it for your writing?

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