Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's up, Wednesday?

Today I'm participating in What's Up Wednesday, a weekly writing blog hop to stay in touch, hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk.

I'm reading City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, the last installment of The Mortal Instruments. I absolutely adored all of TMI and most of The Infernal Devices, but this just isn't quite doing it for me. First, it's like 800 pages long, and it seems like most of it is build up or discussion instead of action. There are so many characters which is cool and not cool at the same time. And I also don't quite remember everything that happened in the last book, so I'm a bit confused at times.

I've started outlining my new WiP (working title The Hanging Gardens). It's a YA fantasy based on music magic, so I'm exciting about it. It's different than anything I've written because it's dual POV, (brother and sister), and also third person, so that should be interesting. I have most of it outlined, but I'm really embracing the J, in my INTJ, and making sure I have everything fully outlined before I started drafting. I'm in between a plotter and pantser, so I'm trying to make sure I have a really good idea of everything before I jump in.

It's hard to be inspired when you're so busy. I know I have to *make* time because it's not going to fall in my lap. But lately I've just been tired from running around. I'm hoping my vacation will reignite my inspiration.

Mostly interviews and querying by YA sci-fi, THE DISLOYALTY OF COLORS. I'm going away for two weeks for vacation (to Italy!), so that puts a bit of a damper on trying to find a job, so I'm a bit stressed about that. We're also apartment hunting, found the perfect apartment, but then they said no cats, and I'm just like arrrghghghg, it was perfect! So I also only have about 5 days to find an apartment, because of said two week vacation. But vacation should be amazing and I'm really looking forward to relaxing, seeing the sights, and eating gelato every day.

How's your week going? Any fun plans coming up?


  1. Your WIP sounds really interesting. I don't think I've ever read anything about music magic, or with a dual POV with brother and sister narrators!

    Enjoy Italy! I'm going to Florence later this summer, and I can't wait! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really excited about the brother/sister narrators, though a little intimidated because I don't actually have any siblings!

  2. I like the sound of your WiP, and I totally get the struggle of being a pantser & plotter. I'm trying to plot more now because I think it's ultimately helpful for me, but I'm terrible at it! Sorry for all the work and apartment stress, but yay for Italy! How exciting! I've never been either, but I might be going later this year too. Gelato every day sounds like the best plan.

    Re: your comment about the Grisha books - I was kind of disappointed in Book 1, and part of that, I think, was I let myself get overhyped. So when I read it, I didn't love it and I just had a hard time being interested in anyone other than the Darkling. But Book 2 won me over, partly because of certain new characters but also because I think the character-building was more consistent and improved (in the case of supporting characters, they were more developed), and I thought the plot was more interesting. So yeah, if you had any interest in the first one, I would give the 2nd a go and see if you change your mind. :)

    1. Yeah, I think it was missing the character-building for me. I def will give it another try!

  3. Your WiP sounds amazing! Good luck with it :D And I hope querying yields good results soon ^_^

  4. I've heard some good things about 'Instruments', too bad this one was so slow. Hope that you get good inspiration on your vacation!