Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Highly Unmotivated

I've been feeling highly unmotivated as of late. I think it's because so many things in the other areas of my life are changing that putting effort into something else has just made me tired. I'm about to be starting a new job as a teacher. And while I am extremely excited for my first year of teaching at an amazing school, I know I'm going to be super busy. This means writing might not fit in, right away.

I'm the kind of person who likes to focus all my time, put all my energy on one thing. When I was in high school and college, I never read for fun; I spent all my time either studying, playing sports, doing music, or hanging out with friends. I'm scared this is going to happen again and I won't have time to write.

I'm also moving across town, no big deal, but it's also right before school starts. So it's just another thing on my mind. Packing is the worst.

So as I sit on my couch and write this post, I know I should be writing. I've written about 4k of a new WiP, but that was weeks ago. I love my characters, I love my setting, but I know something's off. And so the daunting task of letting the suck flow for a first draft has me at a stand still. I'm not sure what to do to get the energy to write. I don't know if I just need to take some time and get my outside world in order before I can create a new world on the pages.

What do you do when you're unmotivated?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Books I've Read Recently: August

Last week, I went on vacation to a cottage in Maine. In said cottage is no internet and very spotty service, so even the internet on my phone didn't work well. So I was left with the three books I'd brought. And all of them turned out to be so very enjoyable.

The first I one I read was MYSTIC CITY by Theo Lawrence. While I had some problems with the plot (a bit overdone with memory loss and a Romeo/Juliet storyline, but it was published two years ago so maybe that was before it was overdone), the setting was absolutely grand (that's the only way I can think to describe it). It was so atmospheric, gritty, and just overall what I want my current WiP to be. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes romance and atmospheric settings. I'll definitely be reading the second book to see where he carries the setting.

The second was Natalie Whipple's HOUSE OF IVY AND SORROW. I loved how the magic was only in women and gets passed down that way; I just thought it was so creative and a really unique idea. I loved the relationship between Jo and her grandmother, which was really the heart of the story. And the grandmother was such a good character and I loved how there were reasons for the common witch themes (the no teeth etc). I don't usually do "witch" novels, but I couldn't put this one down!

And the last was THE UNBOUND by Victoria Schwab, the second in her ARCHIVED series. And I absolutely loved this book! I think maybe even more than the first which is so rare in sequels! Wes is probably my favorite book boyfriend/love interest (probably because of the guyliner) and finding out more about him in this book just made me love him even more. We also get more of Mac's life including school and her meeting new friends which is what I thought the first book was missing a bit of. Obviously the premise/world is awesome (which we knew because of the first book). I know there was some talk about the third book not getting published? I really hope that was resolved because this series NEEDS to be finished. Victoria Schwab is gradually becoming one of my fave authors (I really liked her adult book VICIOUS as well).

Now that I've finished these, I need some new recs! What do you guys recommend?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy: A (movie) review

I’m finally back from two vacations. Yes, I know that’s a little excessive… blame my mother who wanted all the family bonding time since she’s now retired. So I dragged her to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d already seen it once and I thought she might like it because she loves Star Wars.

Anywho, I saw it, and I think I might have even liked it better the second time around. (And that * never * happens to me. I’m a one time movie type of person.)

There were just so many good things about this movie. Chris Pratt was hilarious and totally likeable even for a thief. I think Rocket might have even been my favorite character, even though I'm not head-over-heels for Bradley Cooper (despite him being from the town next to my hometown). They put just enough backstory for every character to make them worthwhile and make sense.

And the music choices. Brilliant. They way James Gunn (the director) put them into the scenes was truly amazing. Many of the songs were a dichotomy with what was going on in the scenes, but still managed to fit perfectly. For example, in the trailer it plays “Hooked on a Feeling”, this light-hearted song that doesn’t quite make sense for a prison scene. But the music starts once Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is getting tazed. I’m just like, that's perfection. It works also because the story is very comedic-centered unlike many of the other Marvel movies. Another great music scene is when the villain’s spaceship crashes into the planet, the song playing is “Ooh Child” and the lyrics are “Things are going to easier/better” kind of showing that the destruction won’t last forever, but again it’s this up-beat type of songs in the middle of this crash and all this debris. Seriously good stuff.

Only things I didn’t like: Gamora wasn’t as bad-ass/scary as she was supposed to be (this I didn’t mind as much since I didn’t read the comics but the people I went with said this was the biggest deviation), and that Nebula’s motivation didn’t make sense with me as she seemed to flip-flop alliances for no reason (this is probably because she wasn’t even in the comics, again according to the comic-readers I went with).

Overall, one of my fave comic book movies, if not favorite one that I’ve seen. Go see it if you like comics/Star Wars type films/action movies/good movies.