Monday, June 15, 2015

Procrastinating By Revising

The school year has just about ended which means I'm going to have so much more free time now. Hooray!

My goal for the summer is to write the first draft of my YA fantasy WiP, whose title I've finally figured out (acronym: ItSoM), which means I can actually start WRITING. I've been brainstorming and outlining for the past few weeks, here and there when I've had time, but today I became stuck. A lot of the themes seems familiar, and while not exactly the same, reminded me of the WiP I shelved. And somehow motivated me to start the last round of revisions on that WiP.

Yes. I started outlining for a new book, but went back to my old one.

TDoC is probably the book of my heart, and one that I really believe in, but I knew it needed another round or two of revisions. Before school started, I just didn't have the energy to revise it yet another time. But now that school is over, I find myself still wanting to make TDoC the best that it can be. It needs a bit (understatement) of an overhaul, the plot/pacing needs to be reworked and the MC needs more motivation/background, but I'm ready. I love this book. It's so different than anything I've read, which makes me believe in it. My new WiP I haven't quite figured out how to make the plot stand out, so I'm hoping my brain can continue to stew on it, while I work on TDoC for (hopefully) the last time. My goal is that in a week or two, I'll finish, so that I can put all my efforts into ItSoM.

Has this ever happened to you? You begin to put your efforts into one project, only to get side-tracked by another one?

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  1. I get side-tracked ALL THE TIME! Ha ha

    I'm glad summer is finally here so you'll have time to write/revise! And yay for going back to TDoC!