Monday, September 14, 2015

First Drafts Suck

First drafts suck. I know this. They're meant to suck, to just get the words onto the paper so that you can then make them not-suck. But it's hard.

I am constantly second-guessing myself with the draft of my new WiP. I have an outline (kinda), so I know where it's going, but I just know it's missing things. And that's okay. I just have to keep reminding myself that (which is why I like that quote on the right).

This WiP is especially hard for me because it's focused on characters. To me, characters are the most important, but writing them is not my forte. I like creating worlds and languages. Which is something I haven't done for this WiP yet. I decided, for some reason, to do that for round 2, so that I could get the story down first. So I have half a world.

School also just started and I am trying my best not to be overwhelmed by it all this year. I want to do things other than just lesson plan, teach, and coach, like exercise (kinda important...) and write. But because I've been second guessing myself, I've kinda been stuck, and I haven't had time to let the suck flow because of school, which just makes me second guess myself more.

So I'm taking this first draft a little at a time. I wanted to give myself a goal of 1k every night, but, at least for now, that's too lofty. So I'm going to settle on 500 words, that way I can manage my days better. I feel guilty doing that, since 1k had been my daily goal for so long, but it's just not reasonable. It's okay to reassess goals, so that's what I'm doing. It might not mean I get my draft done as quickly, but at least by the end of the school year, it should be done. And then I can take that time to make it all shiny. Because you can't revise until you have words on a page :)


  1. You made a lot of great points, and yet my mind got stuck on "I want to do things . . . like exercise" lol It's been on my mind lately, to balance out writing, life, work, and starting back on exercising. Anyway . . .

    I love that quote, I know it's true, and yet I too always second guess myself. But keeping it going is the trick, and if that's 500 words instead of 1k, that that's what it is. Hey, it could be zero words, so you're right, we must adjust our goals sometimes. Great post!

    1. Finding a balance is so hard! I obviously haven't figured it out yet. Reflecting on it is so important so that we can reassess our priorities and find what actually is feasible. I like to be busy, but sometimes a break is needed (even though I don't like to do it!) I just hope I can even keep up with 500 word/day goal. Thanks for the reply!