Monday, September 7, 2015

High School Book Club: Year Two

Photo by Jenny Kaczorowski
School starts on Tuesday (err, um, tomorrow!) and I'm already thinking about the Book Club I started last year.

I was setting up my classroom when one of my students saw me in the hall and excitedly said she finished reading all the books we decided on. We'd taken a vote and came to a consensus of reading 5 books over the summer. Now I didn't know if that was too much for them, because I've never run a book club, but they were ecstatic, so who am I to say 5 is too many? So when she told me she finished them all, I got really excited. (And if we're being truthful, I only finished 4/5. I've read more than 5 this summer, just most were not on the reading list).

But this is one of the things I get excited about for going back to school: to be able to discuss YA with real YAs. They get excited about all kinds of things (Ms. Sessa, did you know it's 22 days until Christmas?!? Are you excited??) and I'm glad that books are still one of them.

Stories are things that I think will never get old, but once you start assigning books in class, there is always some push back. But here they get to choose what books they want to read (and by "choose" I mean vote, so they don't always get what they want) and they're doing this voluntarily. It's so interesting to hear what they liked and didn't like, and what they want to read next.

I also decided to incorporate a novel into my biochem classes, which I'm really excited about, but that's a tale for another day :)

Were you ever in a book club in high school? Or are you in one now? How did you get started with it?


  1. I'm in a YA book club made up of only adults. It would be cool to hear what the actual target audience thinks of the books. Which 5 did your club choose?

    1. We picked:

      1) FANGIRL
      2) WE WERE LIARS
      3) EVERY DAY
      4) RED QUEEN
      5) MADE YOU UP

      There was a bunch of discussion (of course) about which five we wanted because some wanted more SFF, some wanted more high school stuff, some wanted more POC, so we'll see how they liked the books after our first meeting!

    2. Have fun!

      P.S.-- I'll email you soon to check, I might actually have a showable draft of my WIP soon(ish). *gasp!*