Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Movie Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Now that I've seen Star Wars twice, I feel I can finally comment on it. Be aware, there will be mild spoilers below, in the sense that I'll be talking about some specific, not too spoilery scenes. But if you haven't seen Star Wars, what are you waiting for? It was great, go see it!

After the first time, I came out of the theater energized. It was sooo much better than 1, 2, & 3, that I could overlook some of the flaws and my feelings. I really liked it, but felt it was a little disjointed. I went home and read some articles, trying to figure out what it was I was feeling.

First, the things I liked. Omg, REY. She was badass and exactly the type of heroine I wanted. While I like Clary from The Mortal Instruments and Katniss from The Hunger Games, Rey is the type of character I can really get behind. She has a take-charge attitude while also having emotions, and makes smart decisions. Jackpot.

I also really liked the humor, especially Finn's. I've watched a few John Boyega interviews since, and he's pretty hilarious, so I think he was a great choice. He had some nice snippets, though Daisy Ridley did too, (like when she told him to stop holding her hand). I love that they chose a black actor to be one of the main characters because diversity really means so much, and gives young people role models that they can relate to. (I also appreciated the Asian female X-wing pilot they had.)

Harrison Ford was awesome with his reprise of Han Solo. He was able to get back into the character without missing a beat. It felt real, like Han Solo was back. He also had a much bigger role than I thought he would, especially since they had to write him out of some scenes when he broke his foot. He had a lot more screen time than I expected.

Things I didn't like. I did feel like there were two stories going on: the quest for Luke Skywalker, and then whatever Han Solo was doing. But, I wouldn't have wanted them to take out the parts with Han, because it was just so fun, so I'm not sure how they could've fixed that. I felt the whole bit with the lightsaber was kind of thrown together and could've had more impact coming from someone/somewhere else. Like maybe Han should've had the lightsaber? Though I did enjoy the trade scene with Maz, since it was so cantina-esque. (Fun fact: did you know Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Hamilton and In The Heights fame, wrote the music with J.J. Abrams for that scene? Well, he did, as J.J. said in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.)

Overall, I really liked the movie. I'm not sure if it passes the Bechdel Test, because the only conversation Rey has with another female is with Leia, when Leia says "May the force be with you" and Rey doesn't even answer. I'm unsure if Rey's conversations with Maz count, because is Maz female? Who's to say those aliens have genders like we do? Though I guess when there's a lead character who's a female then it should pass. (Thoughts?)

Also, an aside, one of my BFFs is in advertising and created the Duracell commercial, where the young boy puts the batteries in for his lightsaber and then has to save his sister, in conjunction with Star Wars. It's a really awesome commercial, so if you haven't seen it take a look. And my friend got to go to the premiere in L.A. because of doing it! (So obvi I hate him for getting to go. J/k, j/k. kinda.)

What are your thoughts on Star Wars? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Where would you put it in order of favorites to least out of all the Star Wars films?


  1. I'm going on Saturday to see it a second time! I can't wait! I loved Rey, and Finn, and BB8. I think the first half of the movie was better than the second. I didn't understand the purpose of the planet-destroying weapon, and I think they could have just fleshed out the search for Luke...But it was awesome!

    1. Omg, how did I forget to mention BB-8?? He was pretty much my favorite part of the movie. The part when he's nudging R2D2 is just so cute! He's like a little brother saying "hey, whatcha doing? are you sleeping? why are you sleeping? talk to meee!"