Monday, February 8, 2016

High School Book Club: January + February Edition

This month, we chose to read Pierce Brown's RED RISING. We had a brief meeting a few weeks ago, and despite the winter break, almost no one finished the book. So we decided, because those who did read, liked it, that we would give two more weeks for people to finish.

Most of the students still hadn't finished it (a usual pattern...) but those who did had good things to say. They thought the beginning was a bit slow, but after you got passed that, there was a lot of action and it was exciting. One student even brought up that it was in the universe as Ender's Game, because Brown had mentioned Commander "Wiggin" as one of the great generals (along with Alexander and Genghis).

Some had even begun to read the sequel, GOLDEN SON. Though we didn't end up picking that as our next book, I'm interested to hear which they liked better and what their thoughts were. I think I liked RED RISING better, but many articles I read touted GOLDEN SON as surpassing the first. (I'm also very excited to read MORNING STAR when it comes out soon.)

There were lots of thoughts for our next book, but THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN beat out AMERICAN GODS and WOLF BY WOLF by only a few votes. Hopefully, next time, we'll get  few more people to read...

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