Monday, February 29, 2016

What I learned from seeing PIPPIN (again)

Last week I got to see my favorite musical, Pippin, again. It's been my favorite since my high school did the production my freshmen year, and I was in the pit band, playing bass. (The basslines for the show are pretty good too.) The revival is especially awesome because it incorporates a bunch of acrobatics into the show and has a female leading player. I've talked about Pippin before, but I just feeling so strongly about it.

I must have seen Pippin twenty times now, counting all those rehearsals we did, yet it's still my favorite show. I could watch it over and over again, singing along with every line. And it doesn't get old. While I love the music, the lyrics, the costumes, for me what I love most is the storyline.

The plot follows Pippin, the son of King Charlemagne, who just graduated from university. He's trying out all these different things, war, the arts, following the church, being king, yet nothing fulfills him. He's searching for that thing that will satisfy him, but nothing does. (It isn't until he doesn't have it anymore, that he realizes what it is.)

This is something I connect so strongly too. My mom always says I'm searching, looking for something else of purpose, which is totally true. I've tried many different hobbies, searching for the perfect thing. But I know it doesn't exist. There will always be struggle and always a way to be better. But that's just who I am, always searching. (As I quoted in my other Pippin post, one of my favorite lines is "And here I am, to seize my day, if someone would just tell me when the hell it is").

While writing isn't perfect (it's so hard!), it makes me feel accomplished when I finish writing a book, being able to say "I made this". It's addicting. But I know also how it feels to be meandering through a WiP, trying to figure out if this is actually for me, just like Pippin throughout the musical.

So despite being made 44 years ago, the story can still feel just as relevant today as it did back then. That is the power of a story and something I hope to someday accomplish as well.

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