Monday, February 22, 2016

Writing in 3rd Person

For this WiP, I've been writing in 3rd person. I've never used 3rd person before, but I thought it would lend itself better to this WiP, since it's a bit darker and a bit more detached.

I love 1st person because you can really get inside someone's head, and hear their thoughts and feelings. It's a huge trend in YA because of that. You know, all the feels.

For me, I knew 1st person wasn't right for this WiP because I wanted multiple POVs. This story is about a brother and sister, so I wanted not just how they feel and what they see, but show how different they are from each other. I thought 3rd person would be the best way to do this.

I've been playing with the idea of omniscience POV, though I don't want the characters to be too detached. I read THE DREAM THIEVES a few months ago and liked the way Maggie Steifvater popped into different characters' POVs in the same scene. Obvi, I am not as skilled as Maggie, so it's been taking some time to see if it's working. (I still don't really know, but it's just a first draft.)

But I am enjoying 3rd person. Some of my weak skills are showing feelings, so I think this is working for me, since there are slightly less of them, since we aren't in the person's head. This also allows me to play with setting, and make it almost its own character, which I wouldn't get to do in 1st person. But it's definitely different.

Have you written in 3rd person? What do you like about it and what do you not like?


  1. I really enjoy the distance third person perspective offers, and the ability to zoom out of your character's head for a bit and see the world around them. It can be more flexible and I have fun playing with that.

    1. I do like how flexible it is, though try to stay away from too much "head-hopping" when I can, since I know it's jarring. It's been really fun so far!