about me

Hi!  I'm Steph Sessa, or Stessa. Basically anything with a lot of Ss.

I teach 9th and 10th graders bio/chem in a public school in Philadelphia and am a former linguistic researcher who still loves languages and codes. I coach girls in Ultimate frisbee and in my spare time (ha!) play bass guitar and dance, when not getting side-tracked by petting my two cats.

I love all things nerdy and am not afraid to admit it. Give me anything in the speculative fiction genre, science, languages/linguistics, cats, etc. I love going to the movies and watching action-packed television (as long as there are good characters!). During the summer, I love to travel (anywhere and everywhere), and most recently came back from Scotland and Ireland. I could also talk for hours about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (reppin' INTJ).

This is my blog dedicated to my journey through the writing process (with all the hiccups along the way), reading great books, watching good movies, along with some general random tid-bits thrown in for good luck. For more about my favorite things, including my TV shows obsessions, visit my ever-changing Top 10s page. Welcome!

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